Why is it that every complaint about the site itself or the community is automatically labeled as “trying to start drama”?

There are a lot of fucking legitimate complaints about how the site is run and how shit some flights are and they’re not taken seriously because of assholes like this:

Some people are just unhappy and take it out on others.  The anonymity of the internet just makes that worse.  

There’s probably a reason those people are unhappy. Try looking at why before rolling your eyes at how much better you are.

But sometimes I feel like everyone who posts on here or the people who cause trouble on the actual site

anonymous submitted to dramarising

Hypocrisy is fucking awesome when it suits your agenda, isn’t it?

"Why is it that every complaint about the site itself or the community is automatically labeled as “trying to start drama”?"

Maybe if people didn’t post these concerns on a blog called DRAMArising, in Anon no less, people would be less likely to treat their posts as drama mongering?



There is pretty much one thing that actually REALLY bothers me about Flight Rising. That is a fucking Cockatrice not a Basilisk you dont understand how annoyed i am about this

(if ur confused im talking about the familiar “basilisk” it’s a lie its a cockatrice god fuckignd amng)

Actually, the Basilisk/cockatrice is a fabled creature from my part of the world, and in my language there is no word for cockatrice. Yet there are stories of the Basilisk being of a bird body with snake tail (and sometimes also head.) This is because they are one and the same creature.

The name cockatrice is later on adopted in the British language (and probably also a few others) for the poultry version of this beast.
So yeah. It is in fact a Basilisk. But please, yap away.



In response to the anon earlier about not naming dragons before exalting, and how they didn’t care what they’re named. For me at least, it’s not so much I care what it’s named, it just drives me up the frickking wall whenever I see ‘Unnamed’ in the list of my dragons kids. I don’t give a flying…

Well… with dragon prices this low, why the hell not name them?
I mean if you’re only paying 5-7k for a DG spiral, you’ll mostly likely have treasure to throw after a rename scroll. That is if you want the perfect name for the perfect dragon. Paying 150k + for a dragon, and then having to find a renames scroll on top of that?
Yeah that was not fun. But come on.
That’s really not a problem at this point.


oi oi familiars


I have a feeling that the reason the error reports are going down is because everyone’s already done the familiars last night and those who do it in the day reported earlier in the day <3<; I dunno I’ll be glad to try this out tonight after rollover because all mine were bonded last night and I wanna help with the thing 8E

Halfway through bonding with my familiars, they out of nowhere started bonding in the first try.
That’s over 50 that bonded in the first try!
I am So excited to see if this holds after rollover.


Goodbye Post


A week and a half and no account bound scatter scrolls. Anyone else shocked?  

Let’s face it, they posted it to stem the flood of people that want to make cases to Paypal. Before they had the logistics worked out, before they were flooded with who knows how many upset people that put in tickets. 

Their mistake, but we are the ones that are forced to wait and be frustrated and upset that the items that they used to entice us to support their game, was not as described.

They said a few days, perhaps over a week to work though. Has ANYONE gotten compensation? No one has that I know. Don’t you think they should have gotten at least a few accounts compensated by now? 

They are alienating their userbase, one day at a time.

What’s the point in playing now? Breeding isn’t the point, lair space is too expensive, games don’t pay out enough. The list goes on and on and the admins have made it pretty clear that they don’t care. Once they have your money, they owe you nothing and you won’t keep a member base happy with that kind of attitude.

So this is my farewell post. And no, you can’t have my dragons or account items or anything else. They’ll sit and be there if this game ever turns around. It’s not sustainable as it is, and a few more releases of rushed apparel aren’t going to solve anything. 


Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!


FR ads


I know this is a fickle problem in the grand scheme of the site, but I left ads up on the site until today before finally adblocking them. I’m tired of seeing ‘Cyber Monster 2’ ads that are nothing but what I’m sure is stolen art of copyrighted Nintendo characters, and the Wartune ones with laughably ‘sexily’ dressed pirate and warrior ladies that say MALE GAMERS ONLY!!1!

I think they should switch ad providers, as art theft and sexist afs reflect poorly on the website.

I have nothing like those ads. I’m fairly sure that the ads depend on what other stuff you normally look at. Before I asked my browser, to not allow sites to track my history, I only had ads in my native language (I’m not from the US.)

But now, they are all in English, and more based on the content of FR than they were before. (Like for other Pet sims)